Founders' Vision

After several years of performing reserve analysis for other companies, in 1998, the founding principals, James Mason, R. S. #10, and N. K. Mason, R. S. #15, were frustrated with reserve analysis as it is typically practiced and felt that there was a better way. Their passion and dedication have demonstrated honesty, integrity, and a strong commitment to excellence. Today, approximately 3,000 well-funded communities are members of the Mason & Mason family.

Our success is founded upon:

  • The development of advanced capital reserve planning software meeting the needs of our clients
  • A commitment to intelligent growth and training allowing us to maintain a high quality product
  • Specialization in reserve analysis only, eliminating conflicts of interest
  • Being team players with our communities and taking a genuine interest in their funding success through education of Management, Boards, and homeowners
  • A commitment to an excellent product with documentation providing the information clients require to make intelligent decisions for their communities

The more YOU learn about reserves; YOUR best choice becomes clear.