Our Services

Our work exceeds Community Associations Institute Reserve Specialist standards. We are committed to providing an outstanding product. Properly funded reserves are the best way to maintain Association assets and protect property values. A well-developed reserve fund plan is essential in achieving this goal.
  • Level I+   A full condition assessment and reserve fund plan:
    We will conduct a condition assessment of the common components under Association ownership based on visual evaluation including measuring and quantifying. We encourage a meeting at the site the day of the evaluation with Management or Board members to obtain their input. Compiled data will be programmed to produce a written report and financial tables. The report will be provided in electronic PDF format. Upon request, a meeting will be conducted with Management and the Board to ensure understanding of all issues. If revisions are requested, they will be made, and a final report re-issued.
  • Level II+   A full condition assessment and reserve fund plan update:
    This service differs only in that we do not re-measure or re-quantify except where changes have occurred. Mason & Mason will perform this service only on an original Mason & Mason report.
  • Level III+   Administrative Update:
    In order to update rapidly changing conditions and costs, Mason & Mason will provide this service up to three years after the initial Mason & Mason report. This service does not involve a condition assessment. The information is usually obtained in writing from Management or the Board and generally involves a telephone conference call. In some cases, a conference to review the previous report will be conducted. This service is provided on an hourly basis and is an economical way to stay current.
  • Residential and Commercial Development Services:
    In the interest helping Developers establish reserve fund plans prior to and during construction, Mason & Mason will review site plans and construction drawings for the purpose of developing preliminary reserve fund plans. Quantities will be determined, and initial funding can be programmed during the early years of large projects. Upon transition to the Association, the reserve fund plan should be updated and include a condition assessment. This provides a pathway for the community and the Developer to properly fund from the beginning, and it eliminates potential legal problems for Developers.
  • General:
    In many cases, after the Board and Management have had time to review and understand the report, Mason & Mason can provide alternative interim funding plans, even including bank loan analysis, to address long-term funding goals.

    Mason & Mason does not provide transition studies or warranty inspections as these services should be provided by professional engineers. Our opinion is that reserve analysis should be kept separate from construction defect issues and that reserve fund plans should be accomplished only after all warranty issues have been resolved and not in conjunction with the transition.

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